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As more than 20% of our readers are Mac users (including us), we decided it would be a good idea to have a section just for them.

  • Apple's Macintosh computers are widely used for broadcast audio, but setting it up hasn't always been simple. Now, rather than seeing audio as an add-on, Apple has integrated it into its new, more stable, Unix-based operating system, OS X.

  • An increasing number of broadcasters and freelancers are turning turning to editing packages which can edit broadcast quality material on a laptop.
  • Apple Places Video At Core Of Digital Hub The future of computing is video and audio production, believes Apple Computer, and it wants to be at the heart of it. It already markets its Macintosh computer as "the digital hub", not just to consumers but professionals too.
  • Hardware add-ons from Matrox, Pinnacle, DPS, Canopus and Digital Voodoo allow various nonlinear editors to cope with a wide range of broadcast needs, including shared media networks and even low-cost HD editing.
  • If you want to edit on location, there are essentially three laptop-compatible systems to choose from: Avid's NewsCutter XP, FAST's purple.Field, and Apple's Macintosh with either its free iMovie 2 software or the much more powerful Final Cut Pro.
  • Boris RED 2.1 is a resolution-independent 3D-compositing and title effects plug-in for Macintosh and Windows NT nonlinear editors.
  • We wrote this one back in Nov 2000 - Steve Jobs, believes desktop video "is going to be as big as desktop publishing," So, we took a look at Final Cut Pro

  • We won two more converts to the Brotherhood of the Flashing Aqua Button last week. Not thanks to any persuasive powers I might have. No, thank Bill Gates.

  • Software audio downloads from those nice people at Apple www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/audio
  • MacSurfer.com is probably the best portal to Mac-related news, with links to all the main Mac sites and continually updated links to each day's news, reviews and general computing stories.
  • Ken Stone's site is the bees knees. There are lots of great articles for those who want to learn more about Final Cut Pro http://www.kenstone.net
  • iMovie FAQ - http://www.danslagle.com/mac/imovie/iMovieFAQ.html
  • If you need help with FCP then check out the dedicated forums on the 2-pop site http://www.2-pop.com
  • All that technology getting you down? Take one geek culture cartoon every day with meals http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/
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